TERA Into the Halloween Spirit, New Monsters and Trailer

Blood Vampir Lady

With Halloween rapidly approaching, En Masse Entertainment has gotten into the spirit of the holiday by releasing images of TERA‘s creepier monster designs. The massive collection of ghouls, specters and creepy critters exemplifies the diversity of the monster design in TERA. To top it off, En Masse Entertainment has put together a Halloween trailer to celebrate, giving viewers a glimpse of these darklings in motion, as well as the beautiful environments they haunt.

The trailer has a wonderfully classic horror-movie feel, complete with a grainy filter effect and stylized intertitles. The environments presented include the spooky Eldritch Castle and Vale of the Fang. Monsters showcased in the trailer include the Vampir Gentleman and Lady, Vampir Jester, Golem, Mutant Dwarf Commander, Sanguine Moppets and Spellbound Workers. We may have seen the Vampirs designs before, but in motion they’re on a whole new level of creepy.

Be sure to check out all of these monsters in out gallery below!

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