Crackdown 2 Deluge DLC Due in November

Crackdown 2 is being expanded again, this time adding two new modes.

The first is named after the DLC itself. Deluge will be a co-op mode where players team up to defend against waves of Pacific City’s less friendly beings, sounding an awful like a “Horde” mode… or “Firefight” mode… or “Nazi Zombies” mode… You get the point.

The second mode gets right to the point, titled “Capture the Orb.” This 16-player mode will almost surely be similar to Halo 3’s Oddball from the sound of it, or maybe Reach’s Headhunter. Both require holding onto an object (in Halo’s case, a skull) for a set period of time, the latter requiring a drop-off point.

No specific date has been set for this download other than November, but a price has been set at 560 MS Points. Also announced was a new Crackdown tower defense game for Windows Phone 7, which playing will unlock new features in Deluge mode, and vice versa.