Week in Arcade: King of Fighters 2002 Ultimate Match, Yu-Gi-Oh

Two games this week, a $10 double header.

King of Fighters Ultimate Match 2o02

A treat for fans of SNK fighters, this massive 2D fighter is packed with characters, and tons of fan service within its re-drawn backgrounds. It’s standard fighting game fare, with either team play or single, and basic online brawling. The music is great (more fan service), and the pacing as wonderful as it’s always been. It’s not revolutionary, but the new balancing should please hardcore fans. Most of the roster is unlocked from the start, so there is little pad work needed to gain access to everything. A bargain.

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Decade Duels

Well, it’s Yu-Gi-Oh, and if you already know how to play, this is probably a blast. For the rest of us, the 15-part tutorial is probably going to be the stopping point. Let’s face it: as adults, it’s easy to see through what these card games are doing, selling the idea of complexity to force kids into buying more card. So, if you’re a parent sick of forking over cash for new packs of these things, you have a much cheaper alternative here. It’s colorful, the interface is intuitive, and kid-friendly, but only for the target audience.