Korean TERA Info: Glyphs, Racial Abilities & Skills

Berserker's Taunt skill, TERA

With G-Star 2010 coming up in a few weeks, NHN (TERA‘s Korean publisher) is rolling out lots of TERA-related information. The latest news from South Korea gives fans an in-depth look at the glyph system, racial skills and class skills in TERA.

Translated by TERA fansite TERAFans, the article starts off with a detailed look at the glyph system that was revealed a few months back. Glyphs are a way for players to customize their playable characters and establish a unique play-style. At the moment there are 300 glyphs, each of which enhances skills in various ways.

Secondly, the heavily requested racial skills have been added to flesh-out the six playable races of TERA. Different races get different racial skills, which provide said races with unique advantages when the right conditions are met.

Finally, since South Korea’s third Closed Beta test, over 100 skills have been added to the game. Each class received skills to cement their combat roles in Player vs. Player (PvP) and Player vs. Environment combat (PvE), which are detailed in the article.

All of these skills have been translated and are being featured on TERAFans.

It is important to note, however, that while this information does provide us with a detailed look at the game, it should also be taken cum grano salis. En Masse Entertainment’s Brian Knox, producer of TERA, warns against taking these translations too literally.

Our fans do a great job of translating articles very quickly but the fact is there will be differences–in terminology, game play mechanics, and services provided by the publisher-between the Western release and NHN’s release of TERA. With these translations there will certainly be some misinterpretation, and we will do our best to react and clarify to the community.

What this means is that these skills may not have the same name or effects in the western release of TERA. Considering how over-powered some of the skills sound (racial skills in particular seem extremely unbalanced) his warning makes sense.

Check out the latest in translated skills and abilities on TERAFans, and be sure head back to MultiplayerGames.com for western translations when they are released.

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