Blade & Soul to Implement Auto-targetting System

Blade & Soul (NCsoft)

South Korean gaming website This is Game reports that NCsoft’s Vice President JaeHo Lee made several interesting announcements regarding the upcoming oriental fantasy MMORPG Blade & Soul during NCsoft’s third-quarter financial report conference, held on November 4th, 2010. Vice President JaeHo Lee revealed that Blade & Soul will be utilizing an auto-targeting system within the UI (user interface). He also states that the closed beta date for the game has not yet been determined.

This is an interesting, but not entirely unexpected, revelation regarding Blade & Soul‘s interface. The G-Star 2009 trailer suggested a targeting system of some sort, especially when one compares the camera behavior and focused attacks in said trailer to a console action game. An auto-targeting system, however, is surprising. NCsoft hopes that such a system creates a more focused and less frantic action experience. Ninja Gaiden is an excellent example of a hard-core action game with an auto-targeting system. While the camera work in Ninja Gaiden was far from flawless, the massive list of abilities and attacks available to players at any given time without the need for a targeting command is encouraging when comparing it to Blade & Soul.

The article also mentions that a closed beta date for Blade & Soul has not yet been finalized, nor is the playable demo at G-Star 2010 beta-related. While NCsoft is looking forward to everyone’s impressions of the demo, they will not be collecting much feedback during the event.

A translation of the article can be found at the Blade & Soul Dojo.

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