Week in Arcade: Guwange, UnderGarden, Faery

A triple dose of titles this week, $35 for them all, a shame considering the Call of Duty hype boils over.


A horizontal SHMUP from Cave, this is a fun romp through an ancient Japanese land. Enjoyable mechanics, tough challenge, and gorgeous sprites are all highlights. However, the screen options are limited, and drop some of the standards for the genre. Still, the frantic action will be enough to grab genre fans, and for $10, you really can’t go wrong.

The UnderGarden

There seems to be this growing genre of relaxation titles spawned around Sony’s Flower, this one the latest. You control some rather hideous Teletubbies look-a-like, planting seeds to grow plants, and using them to solve puzzles. Sub-challenges include rescuing musically-inclined critters, and just staring in awe at the color saturation. Beautiful no doubt, but tough to control at times and the physics make it hard to be consistent.

Faery: Legends of Avalon

If Faery does anything right, it’s the sense of flight. Despite the stiffness of the motion, zipping around as a fairy (or Faery apparently) is enjoyable. The turn-based combat is fun if somewhat generic, and the non-stop assault of text tutorials gets this one off to a slow start. Costume Quest is a better option for RPG fans, the humor bringing it to life, but if you’re still looking to take out monsters in turns, this is a decent back-up.