En Masse Discusses Amani Race, Lancer Class and Achievements

Amani Lancer (TERA, En Masse)

En Masse Entertainment, the publisher behind the upcoming action MMORPG TERA, is giving us a closer look at the title’s Achievement system, as well as the Amani race and the Lancer class.

Achievements in games are not at all new or innovative. In truth, achievements in many games feel slapped on and pointless, as they typically reward you for simply playing the game. The achievement system in TERA is attempting to break out of the mold that most systems adopt by deepening its impact on gameplay and story. En Masse has not divulged yet exactly how this system will do so, however some GamesCom interviews revealed that achievements can actually affect a playable character’s abilities. En Masse elaborates on the achievement system by stating:

In addition to the enriched gameplay, TERA’s achievement system also deepens and expands the game’s story. Achievements provide players the ability to relive plotlines, story settings, and character information—previously experienced by playing through quests and reading NPC text—in a whole new way! As players continue to gain levels and delve deeper into the story, they unlock corresponding story journals one by one, further expanding the rich lore and story of the world of TERA.

Next, En Masse gives us a brief description of the Amani race and qualities. Descended from dragons, the Amani are a tall and robust people with reptilian features which alludes to their draconic background. Historically, the Amani have been dealt a hard lot: though fierce and powerful warriors, due to divine interference they were weakened and ultimately enslaved by the giants. The Amani page on the official TERA website has been updated, so check it out to learn more about the race.

Lastly, En Masse touches on the Lancer. Lancers would be your “tank” class if TERA were your typical MMORPG; fortunately TERA is anything but typical. While TERA boasts an action-heavy, manual targeting combat system, what makes Lancers stand out from other classes is their supreme defense. They can not only deflect damage with their massive shields, but they can actually keep allies safe from attack as well. A formation of Lancers can form an defensive barrier, protecting allies behind them while keeping enemies at bay, opening up innovative battle strategies.

A Lancer’s charge abilities allow them to break through enemy formations and their strong lance combos let them dish out great damage. High-level Lancers can also boost their party’s defense, weaken enemy armor and attract enemy attention over a wide area, making them a very useful and powerful playable class. Read more on the Lancer on the official website, and check out the Amani Lancer trailer and image gallery below!