G-Star 2010: NCsoft Reveals New Class in Blade & Soul Trailer

The Assassin class, revealed in the Blade & Soul G-Star 2010 trailer

Blade & Soul is NCsoft’s upcoming oriental fantasy MMORPG; it boasts fantastic visuals and a unique art style on top of impressive-looking action. However, the question on everyone’s mind up until this point was: “How will it play?” NCsoft has finally answered that question with the release of the G-Star 2010 trailer.

The trailer opens with a cinematic (and voiced) scene involving the three villains from the recently released teaser trailer. After this, we are treated to a showcase of each of the four known classes and their abilities as they are used in real-time within the game.

Kung-Fu Master, Blade & Soul G-Star 2010 trailer

The Blade Master uses a variety of sword slashes and blows to knock down and knock back their opponents. We are presented with several launchers and aerial attacks, an interesting feint/blindside mechanic, fast-paced combos and more.

The Kung-Fu Masters show off their ridiculous power next. They possess devastating blows that knock back opponents with ease, as well as a unique parry ability that lets them counter with deadly force. They can follow up the parry with a strong launching kick or punch, and can take advantage of knocked-down enemies by mounting and pummeling them into submission.

Force Masters are the sorcerers of Blade & Soul; they utilize their varied spell list with deadly efficiency. They can launch powerful bolts of energy, freezing blasts, explosive kicks, waves of fire and more, which is made all the more formidable when combined with their deadly grapples and incredible acrobatic skills.

Female Destroyer, Blade & Soul G-Star 2010 trailer

Destroyers are the war-machines of the Blade & Soul: they swing their massive axes with ease, mowing down anything in their way. They can also throw opponents at other enemies, launch and grapple enemies in the air, and can clear crowds with massive area-of-effect attacks.

The new trailer also surprises viewers with the unveiling of the fifth playable class, the ninja-like Assassin. What is immediately striking is their ability to render themselves pseudo-invisible, allowing them to sneak up behind enemies unnoticed and deal heavy damage with blade attacks, explosives, projectiles, and more. This is on top of their deadly blade combos and launch attacks.

The second part of the trailer is devoted to the game’s cinematic style. Last year’s trailer suggested that Blade & Soul would feature cinematic story scenes, and the G-Star 2010 trailer confirms this with the voice work and incredibly detailed expressions and animations within cutscenes.

Watch the trailer below, and be sure to check out the image gallery beneath it!

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