G-Star 2010: New TERA Trailer Revealed

A High Elf, striking a pose during the TERA G-Star 2010 trailer

Blue Hole Studios and Korean publisher Hangame have prepared a brand-new TERA trailer for G-Star 2010. Much like last year’s incarnation, this new trailer is presented through stylish and dynamic scenes rather than through direct gameplay. While the original trailer is in Korean, North American publisher En Masse Entertainment has prepared an English version – complete with voice-acting and narration – for western audiences.

The trailer is a cinematic representation of TERA‘s political system. It revolves around a fictional High Elf character and his showdown with a corrupt and tyrannical Exarch. As the protagonist travels about, he is warned of the Exarch’s dark intentions by a Castanic friend and then by a Goddess. Taking up his dual swords, he gives the corrupt and power-hungry leader a taste of TERA‘s warrior class.

While the video is purely cinematic, this is the first time we are presented with actual voice-overs for characters. Alongside the narration, the Castanic woman talks directly to the protagonist, as does the villain and the Goddess. This begs the question: will there be cinematic scenes like this in-game?

Alongside the trailer, En Masse Entertainment has released a summary of the information presented at G-Star 2010. This includes the latest gameplay improvements, details on the PvP system and guild system, and a more fleshed-out explanation of the political system. While the political system was touched on by European publisher Frogster during GamesCom, some of the details regarding elections and offices were ambiguous. Here are a few details from En Masse that relate to politics and to the new trailer:

  • Provinces in TERA are lead by Vanarchs
  • Vanarchs within a region can run for the office of Exarch
  • Political powers include the ability to adjust tax rates, as well as adjust in-game rules and more
  • Politicians are also entitled to special privileges, including equipment, mounts and more

Clearly, the villain in the trailer has used his hax political power to summon an army of monsters and take over the world. Or something.

Read all of the G-Star details here, and be sure to check out the trailer and the latest screenshots below!

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780 weeks and still writing

The Pantagraph Bloomington, IL May 30, 2009 | Susan Hazlett;susanrhazlett@yahoo.com There aren’t too many things I’ve done for 15 years straight.

I haven’t been married for 15 years. I haven’t spent 15 years raising a child. I went to school for 16 years, if you count four years of college, but my mother and third-grade teacher might say I didn’t do enough in 1971 to make it count. site livingston county news

What I have done for that length of time is write this column. It first appeared in the Pantagraph on May 11, 1994.

The first entry was a collection of random Livingston County news (Buster’s Restaurant had a fire that week), and was accompanied by my photo.

It was an awful mug shot where I was trying to look “fun and quirky.” Instead, I had this stupid smirk on my face that drew so many unfavorable comments from readers that we ran a new photo just a few weeks later.

The smirk was gone, but the new photo looked like I had too many double bean burritos for lunch.

And so began my endless quest for the perfect mug shot. Vain female that I am, I’ve never been satisfied. Even now, people say, “You don’t look anything like your column photo.” And then I have to wonder, is that a compliment or does it mean they’re disappointed when they meet me in person?

Several years ago, the column appeared on Wednesdays, the same day as the grocery ads. I was always hoping some member of the Pulitzer committee would stumble across the column while scanning the paper for macaroni and cheese coupons, two boxes for $1.

I’ve had a few great editors over the years, but the most critical has always been my husband.

“Did you really mean to use this word?” he’ll say, or, “This paragraph makes no sense.” I’m a better writer because of him. Too bad I didn’t marry him earlier in my career. web site livingston county news

People have always asked, “How do you come up with ideas week after week?” I listen to people talk about what’s going on in their lives. I wait to hear experiences I know will resonate with other people. Heaven knows, my topics are not necessarily cerebral.

Now that my writing appears online, anyone can read it, not just my fellow Central Illinoisans. Would you believe I have a regular reader who lives in Australia? (Hi, Tricia.) Some readers comment online or through a letter to the editor, but most correspondence I receive is still the old-fashioned kind, a handwritten letter. I really do try to respond to them all.

As regular readers know, some weeks are better than others, but each week I try to come up with something original. With the exception of a few “re-run” columns in the past six months, I’ve sat down at the keyboard, with a handful of M&Ms for inspiration, for 780 weeks in a row, hoping to write something that will entertain you, maybe even move you.

Thanks for spending time with me, dear readers.

You’re why I’m looking forward to Week 781. I hope you are, too.

Susan Hazlett;susanrhazlett@yahoo.com