Xbox Live Black Friday Sales Start… Tuesday

Maybe Black Friday isn’t the best moniker, but regardless of what you want to call it, Microsoft is joining in on the holiday sales extravaganza with some Marketplace deals worth noting. Highlighting the price drops is the fantastic platformer ‘Splosion Man, dipping into the sub-200 Microsoft Point price at a disturbingly low 160 MP, the lowest priced Arcade game ever amongst those that had a price (Yaris and Totemball being amongst free, and describing exactly why free isn’t always good).

Other deals include some familiar faces, like Madden Arcade, Monkey Island Special Edition, Trials HD, and Portal: Still Alive coming in at 400 MP each. Xbox Originals Halo and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas are also sticking to the 400 MP price. For physical media fans, Fable III and Halo Reach should be $39.99 at select retailers.

Some great choices available, and if you don’t buy ‘Splosion Man at that price, you’re seriously missing out on a polished experience.