Sonic 4’s Leaderboards Boot Cheaters, Everyone Else

Sega’s (finally) rebooted 2D Sonic title, released to PSN and the Xbox 360, seems to have some problems… mainly cheaters. Some exploiters managed to figure out a way to beat a level with zero time on the clock, i.e., meaning they made it beginning to end on any level before a second ticked off.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be anyway to separate those that gained legit stage times compared to those that cheated their way to victory, and the end result is that Sega is tossing everyone’s time out of the window. Oddly, despite resetting the leaderboards, they haven’t actually announced a fix for the glitch that allowed all of this in the first place. In other words, they’ll probably have to do this all over again once the patch is actually released, which makes the whole thing seem, well, pointless.