Ghostbusters XBLA/PSN Game Announced, Retail Game Patched

Two notes for Ghostbusters fans out there. The first is that a long-awaited patch, 18 months long-awaited for the record, has finally went live on the Xbox 360. This allows four of the achievements to be unlocked… with a catch. It turns out (according to various comments from players), that only two of the achievements can be unlocked. Which two is a matter of circumstance. The game will simply not allow more than 980 points (48 of the 50 achievements) to be accessed. Choose carefully, because if it took this long to get to this point, the next round might not even come.

On the other hand, a new Ghostbusters game has been announced subtitled the “Sanctum of Slime.” It’s not quite as catchy as, “Hey, hey guys! It’s a river of slime!” from Ghostbusters 2, but it’s serviceable. The game is being developed by Wanako who gave use the great Assault Heroes titles on XBLA and PSN. This is a top down, dual analog shooter (much like Assault Heroes), and the minimal screen shots draw comparison to the original Real Ghostbusters Arcade Game, although hopefully without the key searching. It’s scheduled as a downloadable title with a release of Spring 2011.