Week in Arcade: Bomberman, Crash Course, Harm’s Way

Three games this week and all together they cost… only $10.

Bomberman Battlefest

A follow-up to the last Bomberman game, now loaded with more costumes, levels, and customization. It’s still Bomberman, and may of the assets seems re-used. It screams large-scale expansion pack, but there’s enough content here to justify the actual cost anyway. Some of the new power-ups are awesome too, including a laser trip-wire bomb that is totally devious. Certainly worth $10 if your Bomberman instincts need a kick.

Dorito’s Crash Course

A wildly fun spin on the platformer, asking players to traverse some tough obstacle courses, much like those game shows that require people to be smashed and bashed on live TV for our amusement. The use of Avatars is awesome, a wealth of hilarious animations giving them some spark. Plenty of levels and that “one more time” hook keep it lively. Oh, and it’s free, so there.

Harm’s Way

A unique combination of turret shooter and racing game, both of which work pretty well. Some nice visuals add to the environments as players race, picking up power-ups in an attempt to dodge turret fire (human or AI controlled) from guns placed around the map. Co-op lets players work together, one driving and one shooting. It’s a weird combination, but certainly original. Those stiff driving controls are completely tolerable too, mostly because, yeah, it’s free.