Week in Arcade: X-Men, Quake, Go

A trio of releases this week, $30 for all if you’re interested.


The Konami beat-em-ups lack the precision refinement of say, a Capcom genre title from the same era, but they had one thing going for them: licenses. The Simpsons, Ninja Turtles, and of course, X-Men. The latter had massive sprites, loads of explosions, and an incredible three-screen set up to allow for six-player games. The Live Arcade port has all of that (but with only a single screen), including the Japanese version, but sadly updates the health monitors for the modern day. It sticks out compared the otherwise gorgeous sprite work. With six people, X-Men is sheer screen chaos and a still a joy to play, online or off.

Quake Arena Arcade

For the record, you can play Quake Live for free on your computers browser. This XBLA port is $15, rather incredible considering its origins. Quake has never been a game to astound on consoles, various ports from the PlayStation to the Xbox 360 launch never quite capture the same experience. The controls simply aren’t suited to the speed. The same can be said here, the blazingly fast visuals impressive but the gameplay hardly enough to win over a console gamer. That, and it’s $15.

The Path of Go

Fun fact: Atari is named after a term used in this ancient game. Anyway, Path uses Avatars to maximize its charm, and it works. Go is intriguing and worth your time, an addictive board game with some intricate strategies despite its overall simplicity. It’s the cheapest game of the lot at only $5, and one that you’ll go back to once you understand the basics (assuming you’ve never played before).