PlayStation Plus Users Get Free MAG Today

Users of Sony’s paid service for PSN are used to getting some bonuses, various discounts and free games common. However, Sony’s latest freebie is pretty impressive, letting subscribers download all of MAG, the 256-player online shooter, for no charge. The game will be active as long as your PS Plus subscription is.

The catch? Yeah, there is one, and it’s a big one.

The maximum level of this sort-of full game is only eight, meaning you can access all of the maps, game modes (including 256-player), and other odds and ends. You can’t change factions or become a squad leader either. If you want all of that stuff, you’ll need to hand over an additional $30 for a key to the full game. Still, it’s a lengthy, in-depth demo, and if you don’t care about all of that bonus stuff, it’s still a great deal.