Hydrophobia Re-Tooled, Cheaper

Many were not kind on Hydrophobia, a third-person action title billed for its water physics. The XBLA (soon to be PSN too) title was riddled with control problems and a rather unique control scheme that didn’t mesh with… every other 3rd person title ever.

As such, developer Dark Energy Digital has gone back and redone everything. Dubbed Hydrophobia Pure, this is no simple patch that fixes a few bugs. This supposedly changes the game mechanics as a whole, from tweaking the cover system, climbing, visuals, camera, waypoint system, dialogue, and more. It’s something that we’ve never really seen before, and if something obscure has, it almost certainly hasn’t been on this level. It’s the type of thing you don’t really expect, that of a developer listening to the criticisms and taking the time to fix, well, all of them.

The new version will be up this week.

2-DAYAES 2CENTS: Athletic shoes; If the shoe fits, buy it … and buy it … and buy it.(SPORTS)

Star Tribune (Minneapolis, MN) January 21, 2010 Byline: MICHAEL RAND; STAFF WRITER It started with a genuine but somewhat sheepish question. See, there is a particular running shoe that Your Humble Page 2 Correspondent really likes. Before buying a pair of these shoes about 18 months ago, running long distances was not attempted. Roughly 800 to 1,000 miles — including a marathon — later, that is clearly no longer the case. (And yes, that’s way too many miles for one pair of shoes).

The problem is these shoes were bought on clearance without much thought. They were nothing special at the time; now, they are the only shoes I ever want to run in — and because they were on clearance so long ago, they are hard to find. But here’s the thing: a few days ago, they were finally hunted down online. Not only that, but they were at a similar clearance price. in our site shoe buy coupon code

A pair was quickly ordered, though they haven’t arrived yet. The real issue is this: I’m really wondering if stocking up on multiple pairs is the way to go. One extra? Two extra pairs? More? How many pairs would be satisfactory? Who knows? Keep in mind, these shoes are very ordinary. Only on my feet do they have SPECIAL POWERS. go to web site shoe buy coupon code

So the question has been posed to various runners and non-runners. Basically, anyone who would listen. The expectation was that people would think buying more than one pair was crazy. Instead, it’s led to not only widespread acceptance of stocking up, but admissions from others that they do the same thing.

A sampling of the responses, via Twitter or Facebook: “I have 5 pair of the same Avia shoes. My wife thinks I have 2.” And: “It is so hard to find the right shoe. Buy as many pairs as you can!! I am dealing with that now too.” “No less than 6 … I say buy them out!” Case closed, right? Buy a few pairs, stock up and don’t worry about running shoes for several years. But then what happens? And is it right that we should all but such creatures of habit?

There are already countless more well-constructed shoes out there right now than the pair I covet. Technology surely will give runners even better options in the coming years.

So is it more important to placate our obsessive minds (and feet) and go with what works than it is to explore the possibly elusive thing that is even better?

And is the answer different if the topic switches from shoes to life in general?