Vizio Making Good Use of 3DTV… for Multiplayer

3DTVs are suffering from a major lack of content, and the less for the distribution of the 3D Blu-rays the better. Vizio TVs may have found a great use though.

The newfangled 3DTV sets display two images at once, the glasses rapidly switching on and off to create a stereoscopic image… BUT, what if those two different frames were different, and the glassed enabled viewing of only one frame? Then you have local multiplayer gaming on one screen, each person with their own full screen image.

The tech was showcased at CES (credit: Joystiq) utilizing Shaun White Skateboarding. Vizio states they are actively seeking developers, and games that already support 3D can use this tech easily. If you’re still wondering what the downside is, it’s that each of the two images can only be half the resolution of the full image, i.e., a 1080p image becomes two 540p images. Not quite HD, but so much better than losing because you’re friend looked at your side of the screen.