Angry Birds Board Game in May

It’s been a while since we’ve had some video game board games, not just stuff like Nintendo Monopoly. It used to be a common thing. Zelda, Pac-Man, Mario, Primal Rage, Pole Position, and Sonic (amongst many others) were all translated to a board with some dice… or parts… or some other gimmick.

Anyway, maybe those days are coming back into vogue as casual gamers keep slipping into the market, as if you need more proof than the upcoming Angry Birds board game. A physical port of the iPhone, Android, and PS3 game, players draw cards with specific structures to be built. The goal is then to launch the bird and destroy the green pigs. Loads of fun for sure, even if you don’t get any of those special birds. Kinda hard to replicate a bird that splits into three and other that drop bombs in the physical world. Damn reality.