TERA Unveils Pirates Grotto and Valley of the Titans Video Fly-Throughs

Pirates Grotto, TERA (En Masse Entertainment)

En Masse Entertainment has recently revealed video fly-throughs for two new areas within the world of TERA: the watery Pirates Grotto and the expansive Valley of the Titans.

Sprawling green fields are nestled within the Valley of the Titans, which in turn is full of ruined houses and dangerous monsters; the troll-like club-wielding brutes look particularly menacing. That they are grouped together suggests that they will be difficult for players to engage without calling their allies down on themselves.

The second video showcases the Pirates Grotto, a large cove hidden underground, no doubt used as a retreat for the pirates that have been mentioned in past interviews and videos. The pirates themselves seem like a varied bunch, including orcs, Castanic-like Devas, as well as reptilian and fish-like humanoids.