Week in Arcade: Zeit 2

A slow start to 2011 for the Arcade, this week a single $10 release.

Zeit 2

This is a bland looking little SHMUP, but the gameplay innovations are superb. Enemies don’t need to touch you to kill you, but pass the side of the screen. This creates an issue when enemies are split wider than a 7-10 split in a bowling match. But, the power of time travel is on your side, and the mechanics let you rewind. Doing so creates your double that follows your previous moves, leaving you free to take out the other swarm. For the gutsy players, you can speed things up to gain additional points. One issue of note is that having the default control scheme set to inverted on the console makes the controls here in a 2D SHMUP… inverted. No, it’s not easy. Other than that hiccup, go for it.