En Masse Reveals TERA Korean Open Beta Trailer

Screenshot from Korean OBT trailer (TERA)

The Korean open beta of TERA went live on January 11th, 2011. While the initial impressions seem positive, North American publisher En Masse Entertainment has stressed that there will be differences between the Eastern and Western versions of the game, meaning players cannot know what TERA will ultimately look like in the Americas and Europe. Nonetheless, in anticipation for the open beta, En Masse has released a new trailer for TERA, which can be viewed below.

Showcasing TERA‘s impressive visuals, the trailer combines cinematic cutscenes alongside dynamic gameplay to create what is probably the most impressive and definitive “TERA” trailer to date.

  • A wide variety of quests and NPC interactions are shown. Climbing, platforming, traps and environmental interaction, as well as lots of fighting make up what we see in the trailer. We also get a stylized look at crafting in the game.
  • Party gameplay is presented cinematically, highlighting TERA’s strongest points: manual targeting and defense, and a sense of the character’s physical, tangible dynamics in battle.
  • The battlegrounds scene gives players a sense of the large-scale PvP interactions within the world of TERA.
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