Hacker Holds Runes of Magic Hostage

Runes of Magic logo

A disgruntled player attacked Frogster’s databases a few days ago, and later claimed to have access to over 3.5 million player accounts. While the hacker targeted Frogster’s popular MMO Runes of Magic, he claims that the attack compromises other Frogster-published online games like Bounty Bay Online and the upcoming TERA.

This user, augustus87 and also known by the alias “Captain Zero,” left a message on the Runes of Magic forums and another on Youtube. These messages demand a change from Frogster regarding their notorious censorship and poor customer service practices, among other things. He threatens to release account information to the public gradually until Frogster complies with his demands, and gives the company two weeks to respond.

Frogster acknowledges the virtual attack, but claims that the 2,100 accounts that the hacker had already released to the public were from “outdated log-data from 2007.” Nonetheless, Frogster is treating the incident as a serious criminal offense, and it has pressed charges with German Criminal Investigation and law enforcement. Kotaku has a screen-grab of augustus87’s demands, posted on the Runes of Magic message board.

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