Gamers’ Voice Filing Call of Duty PS3/PC Black Ops Complaint

Players of the PC and PS3 version of Black Ops have been “gifted” a buggy experience, one with countless problems that don’t seem to affecting players on the 360. Online lag is only the beginning of the noted issues, and the UK group Gamers’ Voice, an advocacy group formed by British Labor MP Tom Watson, is taking Activision to the task via “relevant government agencies.”

While gamers are known to be a finicky bunch, it’s frustrating to see $15 map packs being justified while the core experience is ignored and broken. A quick search on YouTube for “Black Ops Glitch” returns close to 8,000 results, and those are just the ones people recorded (and some that are certainly doubled). Gamers’ Voice makes a point that most gamers today are simply beta testers, fine when it’s a hosted event prior to release, but not post $60. The same could be said for the way sequels turn out, a range of gameplay and mechanical improvements always surpassing the previous game. It’s a tough industry from both the consumer and development standpoint, and hopefully groups like this can find a middle ground.