The PSP 2 is Real: Code Name NGP

Sony’s Japanese press conference late last night proved to the launching point for a new handheld console: The NGP. The successor to the PSP, the hardware boasts dual analog sticks, a five inch screen (resolution of 96×544), and a unique touch pad on the backside of the unit.

Games previewed include a version of Uncharted and Resistance, the games coming on proprietary memory sticks, not discs. The format allows DLC to be written right to the card in a unique take on added content. Other features include optional 3G support, Wi-Fi, and GPS.

Sony expects a release dates of “this holiday,” although where and how much remain up in the air. Analysts see a cost of $300 to $350.

The bigger question is if the hardware power and resolution available are setting the same development trap the PSP did. Will devs jump at the chance to spend millions on a title for a second tier piece of hardware? Hopefully not, as the system potential here is outstanding.