Water Titles on Sale for XBLA Fans

Thirsty? Maybe you’re feeling like viewing some liquid water instead of the frozen stuff falling on most of the US? Microsoft has you covered, discounting a trio of “water” based titles on the Live Arcade, and each one of them a quality experience.

Hydro Thunder Hurricane released during the Summer of Arcade promo, a fine update to the classic formula that debuted in actual, physical arcades in the late ’90s. This one drops from $15 to $10, although a plethora of DLC remains at the regular price. Purchasing any of that will negate the discount.

Hydrophobia is re-tooled from its clunky origins, retrofitted with an astonishing number of bug fixes, camera changes, physic alterations, gunplay improvements, and more. Not only is it immensely playable, it seems the $5 discount upon the fixed version’s release still wasn’t enough. This week, Hydrophobia is a measly $5, down from $15. You at least have to show support for listening to the community.

Finally, we have Aqua, an underrated dual stick shooter/strategy title set in a steam punk environment loaded with killer boats. While the water graphics may not impress, zipping around in three different boats, upgrading weapons, and changing your approach dependent on enemy types are satisfying. Like the previous title, Aqua is just waiting for your money at only $5.