Sega Rally Returns in XBL Arcade/PSN Form

Sega’s attempt to bring back the outstanding Sega Rally series with Revo wasn’t meant with too much market enthusiasm, overshadowed by the also outstanding Dirt. The lack of heavy mainstream interest isn’t enough to damper the fun, the series living on in digital form.

Sega Rally Online Arcade is stated to be a mixture of Revo and the arcade Sega Rally 3, the simulation aspects as such sure to be a blend of styles. Revo’s memorable enhancement were accurately modeled grooves in the mud that physically affected the later laps of the race, or the first if you were lagging behind. It was a highly undervalued racer even if it didn’t aim for a deep simulation.

Sega promises online play (duh?), 13 cars, Championship mode, and time attack. The time frame for release is a wide open “2011,” which means it could be next week, or it could be December 27/28th.