Week in Arcade: Bionic Commando Rearmed 2

A single release, and it’s a sequel coming in at $5 more than the original.

Bionic Commando Rearmed 2

Yes, it should be Re-Rearmed… or something. Yes, you can jump. Despite the tradition being broken, jumping in Bionic Commando’s 2D space is quite satisfying, allowing for better movement and somewhat more open level design. It still produces achievements for players who refuse to hit A, but the change is more appreciated than what the expectation may be. That said, despite a push to make the backdrops more dynamic (and having free reign since this is no longer a remake), the boss fights don’t come together as you wish and the music is a step back. For $15, this one needed some more time to simmer.

Swimmers fight breast cancer

The Sun – Naperville (IL) October 12, 2011 Cross-town rivals came together in bright pink swim caps to compete and to raise money for a relatively new organization that provides awareness, education and resources for women who are diagnosed with breast cancer.

?ˆ?I think it?ˆ™s good for high school kids to understand the importance of giving back and working towards something like this,?ˆ? said Mary Eiken, whose daughter Jilian is on the Naperville North swim team.

Eiken helped organize the fundraiser held in September where, at the dual swim meet at Naperville Central, Central and North?ˆ™s girls swim and dive teams not only purchased bright pink swim caps, but also held a raffle, had a baked goods sale with items frosted in pink frosting, sold T-shirts and collected pledges if they got a time drop at the meet that night. The pool was filled with pink caps while the stands were filled with pink ribbon T-shirts. this web site swim caps

?ˆ?We have done several awareness meets and breast cancer hits home for so many of our families on the team,?ˆ? said Sue Welker, Central?ˆ™s swim and dive team?ˆ™s head coach, ?ˆ?A few of the moms … (have) fought breast cancer so this was a perfect fit this year. Since we are a girls high school team it makes it hit home even more to focus on a female cancer.?ˆ?

Combined, the over 120 swimmers and divers raised $1,500 for Bright Pink. They chose to fundraise as a way to not only raise money, but also create recognition and awareness for Bright Pink.

?ˆ?It?ˆ™s a great organization founded by a survivor that understands women and breast cancer awareness education and prevention,?ˆ? said Eiken.

Nancy Maxon, who helped coordinate the event with Eiken, has a daughter who swims for Central. Maxon is also a breast cancer survivor who completed treatment in 2006, just celebrating her five-year mark. Her daughter, Krista Drapalik, wrote ?ˆ?for my mom?ˆ? on her cap while swimming with her friends from Central and North.

?ˆ?It is unbelievably touching to see the girls swim with handwritten names, including mine, on their caps of people they are swimming for,?ˆ? Maxon said. ?ˆ?(It) brings me to tears every time.?ˆ? in our site swim caps

Because there are 200,000 new cases of breast cancer each year, Eiken believes everybody knows someone who has been touched by it.

For more information on Bright Pink, visit www.bebrightpink.org.

Mary Eiken, Laura Hunnewell (from Bright Pink), Nancy Maxson, Krista Drapalik and Jilian Eiken attend a fundraiser in September for Bright Pink. More than 120 swimmers and divers raised $1,500 for the new organization. | Submitted