Capcom Uses PSN DRM on Bionic Commando Rearmed 2

PlayStation 3 player who picked up last years arcade compilation Final Fight: Double Impact were stunned to see DRM applied to the title since no notification was made. The game required a player to be signed in and online when the game booted, almost preventing “game sharing” amongst PSN users. All it turned out to be was an inconvenience many were shocked to find, and the bad press wasn’t exactly a shining beacon in Capcom’s storied history.

It begs the question of why they actually did it again, this time with the Bionic Commando sequel, Rearmed 2. The only difference is a notification on the information screen. This type of DRM prevents different players on the same console from playing the title, something a physical copy would never do, but that’s neither here nor there. Nothing should be in place to prevent brothers/sisters who use the same hardware from playing a game, and if Capcom doesn’t like the PSN policies that allow sharing in the first place, don’t release the game at all. Why is is the consumer who ends up paying for this short-sightedness in the long run?