Duty Calls a Hit, Great Marketing

The advertising for the upcoming first-person shooter Bulletstorm has taken a few stabs at other shooters, including a parody of the Halo “believe” ad. The latest move isn’t just a video though, but an actual playable game, not quite a demo but more like the video game equivalent of a short film

Duty Calls riffs Call of Duty brilliantly, and only because the series has remained so familiar through each entry. It’s parody that works, each bullet not greeted with the sound of a gunshot, but a voice that says, “boring!” Enemies pop up from behind trees to announce they were bad guys.

Out of everything that was put into this one though, the real winner is the slow motion segment. A cocky enemy pulls up in a jeep, just sitting there asking to be killed with the player unable to shoot. The screen goes into slow-mo for the easy kill, the bad guy actually reacting to the time shift. The best part? A whopping 1.25 million people have checked out the demo so far, and that’s not even including those who may have just watched a YouTube video of gameplay.

Debate the quality of Bulletstorm all you want, but the marketing has been nothing short of perfect in selling what Epic’s title aims to do.

Check out Duty Calls at BigDownload.