No Music, Tony Hawk from Activision in 2011

If you didn’t see the writing on the wall, the Tony Hawk series flatlining even before the accessory-driven Ride and Guitar Hero sales fledgling, then the market did. The year of 2011 may signal the death of the music game without DJ Hero or Guitar Hero, and the skating genre has moved onto to greener pastures with Skate. Activision will not be releasing any spin-offs or sequels to those titles in 2011.

It’s the perfect example of market saturation, music titles especially. The glut of plastic instruments is absurd, especially since the genre is easily built around DLC. Activision didn’t like those tiny profits, and chose to flood the store shelves, where giant boxes sat there to be clearanced out later.

Tony Hawk was much the same despite a longer life span. No one inside the dev studios seemed to understand that story didn’t matter as it was the gameplay that made the series a success. Too many versions, too many variations, and too many gimmicks for the sake of a quick buck is a trend becoming far too common.

Maybe a Call of Duty title each year is too much too? Tony Hawk followed the same path.