Week in Arcade: Stacking, TNT Racers

Two games for $25 this week, both excellent selections a week prior to the House Party promotion.


The latest from Double Fine is brilliant in its total aesthetics, a world where stacking dolls come to life, with the presentation in the form of silent films. They waddle and hop around, literally stacking within each other to take on different identities. Combining the dolls leads to puzzle solving, certain ones having special abilities needed to progress. While the idea of multiple solutions to each challenge is unique, having to redo them to earn extra things is a bit of a downer. It’s far more enjoyable to see what else this world has to offer.

TNT Racer

Bringing back memories of the classic Micro Machine series, this simple top down racer feels a little cramped and disjointed. The idea of breaking the races down into rounds ruins the pacing and the flow, making time attack with a solo car more enjoyable than anything else. The simple visual style pops thanks to the color, and the frame rate is smooth. The camera needs to pull back just a tad too. Power-ups are enjoyable though, and the catchy music is charming. Almost worth it.