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If you follow MMORPG news, the chances are you have already heard of TERA. Developed by South Korea-based Bluehole Studio, TERA is a fantasy MMORPG that has made a splash in the game world not only due to its unique departure from the standard point-and-click gameplay the genre is known for, but also for its incredible visuals and art style. While Bluehole Studio is a new developer in the field (with TERA being their very first MMORPG), many of TERA‘s developers were once key members of the MMORPG-producing powerhouse, NCsoft.

The website Dead End Thrills, dedicated exclusively to videogame photography, has put together a vast compilation of high-resolution in-game screenshots of TERA. The game makes use of the powerful Unreal Engine 3, much like NCsoft’s own upcoming title Blade & Soul. The TERA screenshots at are nothing short of breathtaking, showing off the graphical prowess of the game and the technical know-how of the development team at Bluehole Studio. If you have the time (there are over three hundred images in the gallery) definitely give the screenshots a look; you may just find a new wallpaper or two among them.

TERA has been live in South Korea since January 25th of this year. No release date has been announced yet for North America and Europe, but it is speculated to go live near the end of this year.

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