Female Fighters in Supremacy MMA

In June, Kung Fu Factory’s, Supremacy MMA will introduce female fighters for the first time into the mixed-martial arts video game arena.  Unfortunately, this game may not be a huge step forward for female fighters like the two stars Felice “Lil Dog” Herrig and Michele “Diablita” Gutierrez may be hoping for.  Supremacy MMA promises to be a brutal game with unsanctioned or unlicensed underground fights.  Not only that, but the game will also bring a focus to illegal moves such as choking out opponents with out tapping and breaking bones.

This type of game in general is just not what mixed-martial arts needs today.  The sport is already bringing a bad rep to martial arts, leading people to believe that fighters are all ignorant individuals with no code of conduct.  A game like Supremacy MMA takes people one step closer to believing fighters are brutal and ruthless, when in actuality many of the best fighters take the discipline and ideals learned through training to heart.  Becoming a fighter, when trained by the right people, should make an individual a better person.  Not someone who enjoys going into the ring and breaking people’s bones.

On the other hand, I do understand Herrig and Gutierrez’s plythe.  They need to find a stage; unfortunately it is only a game such as this that is trying to find a catch to make itself different from the UFC games that lead the way.  I hope the game does them justice, because I assure you woman can be great fighters.  One thing we can hope for is Supremacy MMA will at least keep the women fighters only able to be matched up with each other.  I must stress here, not because I don’t believe a skilled woman fighter can out fight a skilled male fighter, but simple because the body types are different.  This is the same reason there are weight divisions in the UFC.  The laws a physics makes it dangerous for someone who is 120 pounds to fight someone that weighs 190.

Iwish Herrig and Gutierrez the best in what they are trying to accomplish, but I do not believe this game will be a good way in which to do it, as the game appears to take no honor code of martial arts into respect.