Relive the Early ’90s CES Shows

YouTube user DigitalNeohuman has some amazing footage for fans of early ’90s gaming, raw floor video from multiple CES events. Looks from inside these shows were limited to video game magazines of the day (and you’ll see their booths too), and to see an impressive Nintendo laser light show to showcase Star Fox is something that needs to be preserved. Kudos to Digital for digitizing it for generations to come.

There are videos for specific consoles and companies as well, a trip through a 3DO booth resulting in some glimpses of Trip Hawkins, then CEO of the company. There’s excitement from show attendees in these videos too, something you could only envision yourself doing were you able to be there as a kid (or maybe you actually attended, which in that case means these will be even more nostalgic). Gaming isn’t all you’ll view here as Jurassic Park is primed for major success, and you’ll see one of the more bizarre displays too for a camcorder in which a guy in a gorilla suit chases some scantily clad woman.

You can view a few of these embedded below, and head over to Neohuman’s page for the rest.