Five Minutes of Resistance 3 Multiplayer Footage

Resistance 3 is shifting from its predecessors in that instead of simply overwhelming players with sheer numbers, the development team has scaled back their approach. Gone are the 60-player combat scenarios, now replaced with 8-on-8 human/Chimera action. You know what? That’s okay. That lets the universe exist in twos, those who want the frantic, mass-scale battles in the second, and those who prefer more personal encounters. It should also allow the communities to co-exist, unlike some other franchises where the prior game is a barren wasteland of servers.

The five minutes of official multiplayer footage released this week shows the approach will work. The gorgeously detailed maps still hold plenty of firefights and the guns have obviously retained their satisfying pop-and-drop style. You’ll also see new abilities in action, some awarded by killstreaks, others more in-line with Halo’s armor abilities.