Burgertime HD Footage Shows Multiplayer

Data East’s wildly original and never copied Burgertime is soon to be undergoing the the HD treatment, and it’s safe to say “never copied” part should remain.

Gone is the flat, 2D plane of the original, this update shifting to a spherical, 3D board that has multiple sides to contend with. The chef, Peter, can also jump, which is about as sacrilegious as letting Bionic Commando take a short leap (oh, right).

There’s no description to the video as to what’s actually being played, but from the looks of it, Burgertime HD is being played in versus mode with two players trying to complete the board before the other. It definitely looks fun, and the increase in pace should push modern gamers to enjoy this one above the original and it’s vertical take on the maze genre.

Burgertime HD is scheduled for release sometime in 2011 for the Xbox 360, PS3, PC, and Wii.