Microsoft Out $1.2 Million After MS Point Hacking

Someone figured out MS Points. It must not be too difficult either, as a couple of hackers found a pattern running across used Points cards, and then randomly generated 160 Point codes. They also let loose free Avatar items and 48-hour Xbox Live trial codes. The site was eventually shut down by Microsoft, but not before overwhelming traffic shut it down for a while on its own.

Those worried about purchasing a Points card in the store and finding invalid due to this shouldn’t have to worry. There are 160 denomination cards at retail,  just like you can’t get the Avatar item or 48-hour trials. At the very least, the thieves were careful not to screw anyone but Microsoft, right? Those that did take advantage of the scam should be weary. It’s awfully easy to track a specific points purchase and code entry on Microsoft’s side, and they’re usually not too friendly when it comes to people scamming the system.