Japanese Game Releases Delayed in Response to Quake

Three games have found their way off Japanese release date charts, one of them cancelled entirely. Disaster Report 4, coming from a series that focuses on complete and total devastation of a fictional city due to a natural disaster, will no longer continue development. The necessity of the cancellation should be obvious with the current event occurring within Japan.

Two other titles are on the delay list, one of them Sony’s next entry in the Motorstorm series, Apocalypse. The game’s focus on racing within general destruction brings up more sensitivity given current events. Yakuza: Of the End is the final delay, this one from Sega.

There is no word if the Japanese delay will halt any US release in the case of Motorstorm, which is due May 12th here in the States. The other games were planned as exclusives for Japanese.

Those looking to focus on increasingly important issues aside from gaming can always donate funds to the Red Cross to help out with any aid.