Rovio Lead Believes Consoles are Dying

There have been some truly stupefying comments made by studio heads in the past, but this zinger from Rovio head Peter Vesterbacka may be one of the more dramatic. Rovio is the developer behind the mobile hit Angry Birds, basing the success of the iPad and mobile as the backdrop for his statement that console gaming is dying.

That’s a pretty hefty observation, but not as much as Vesterbacka stating that the mobile and social space allows for innovation. Keep in mind Angry Birds is a direct copy of a Flash-based PC effort called Crush the Castle, Angry Birds simply nailing the cute exterior needed to find a wide audience. You could even say Rovio got lucky.

Console gaming does have problems, namely cost. Casual gamers shelling out $1 for a mobile game are not dumping $60 for a console release. However, they’re also different markets. That’s not to say there is no crossover, Angry Birds certainly resides on my phone and I’m definitely one of those hesitant to drop $60 for a game that’s half hidden by DLC, but consoles are a different experience. Those heavier experiences, those that suck up the wealth of a gamers’ free time, don’t exist on mobile. Angry Birds is great when waiting at a doctor’s office, while waiting for a bus, etc. I’m not going to play Halo in any of those situations, and that’s why console games will remain relevant for as far as we can see.