Prey Sequel Coming 2012

Prey was one of those “someday it will be released” titles that actually turned out all right. The gravity-defying mechanics were executed brilliantly in both single and multiplayer, and hopefully no one based their experience solely on the infamous, simply awful, lag-filled demo. They would have missed out.

However, since that release, Zenimax picked up the game’s rights in 2009 and it’s been nothing post-legal stuff. Thankfully, it turns out the Bethesda parent company has been working on a sequel, enough that a it is officially a go for 2012 on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. The initial press release is relative stuff with no real meat on its bones other than a general, “it’s coming” tone. No screens are provided either.

The developer is Human Head Studios, the same group that delivered the original product. Hopefully that means a singular style and approach, because there’s nothing else like a sequel gelling with the original.