MutliplayerGames’ Indie Cred: Avatar Fighter

Welcome to a new feature here on MultiplayerGames, Indie Cred. As the vastly underrated Crossfire took home a Game of the Year Award last time around, it’s time to give more Indie games their due, from the PC, Android/iPhone, to Xbox Live Indie Games, to PSP Minis and finally WiiWare. We’re debuting the series with a recent $1 Xbox Live Indie effort, Avatar Fighter.

Avatar-based games may be the bane of Indie developers, but once in a while you land a decent one, in this case Avatar Fighter. “Decent” may be kind for some people, this one filled with an outstanding layer of game-breaking glitches and constantly flickering sound. However, there’s a slow-paced blending of Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter at work, the basic combo system the type of thing that made fighters one of the core gaming genres in the first place. There are powerful, one-shot knockdown uppercuts and roundhouses, solid jump kicks, and all of one background.

The cleverness is that you can make your character, selecting general styles and special moves. You could blend Street Fighter’s Zangief with Balrog, or Ryu with Mortal Kombat’s Johnny Cage. Finding a combo that works for you is the cornerstone of why Avatar Fighter can overcome its mountain of glitches and general clunkiness. And hey, it’s only a buck, and a decent enough casual button masher.