Madden Football 3DS is Actually Historical

Not sure if anyone else caught this, but EA Sports has released something monumental for the 3DS with their obviously rushed edition of the Madden franchise: It’s the first console version, handheld or home, to never include multiplayer. No, you read that right. There’s nothing local, there’s nothing online, and it doesn’t support Street Pass, so incidental multiplayer doesn’t even occur.

I don’t blame anyone on the development staff. Calling them lazy is probably the most inaccurate statement ever. The whole product sort of feels like the higher ups tossed this thing at a group and said, “You’ve got a month. Make Madden.” Notice how it doesn’t even have a year in the title?

This whole thing was probably crunch time, so it’s a small miracle to even include a season mode, albeit one that doesn’t track any stats other than the W/L columns. However, multiplayer? Anyone? Hello? Is there anything more basic in a sports game than multiplayer of any kind?

Madden without multiplayer is making a ping-pong game where you only hit a wall (creating the perfect Forest Gump simulator in the process). Madden without multiplayer is like the Babe without the Ruth, Godzilla without Tokyo, and Michael Vick without dog…. err, never mind the last one. It’s utterly appalling. Hell, even some of the earliest Atari/Intellivision sports games were multiplayer, although only multiplayer, but still. It’s a sad day for this franchise, and heading into a potential lock-out, the 3DS could be stuck with this abomination for an entire season. Ouch.