Xbox Live Enforcement Account Hacked

Stephen Toulouse is the Xbox Live policy enforcement lead, and undoubtedly puts up with an unbearable amount of grief when dealing with the general Live populace. However, he’s become the victim of a hacker who calls himself Predator. While Predator claims, “I’m simply letting them know I’m willing to help them secure accounts from future hackers,” that statement doesn’t match up with his actions. A message posted to Toulouse’s account states he’ll hack any account for cash which isn’t exactly helping anyone.

Toulouse’s own statements put Predator in an even lesser light. Speaking to Joystiq, he states he has numerous immature messages left on his phone which he then played for the site. They wouldn’t publish what was said. Toulouse was also quick to state the account wasn’t hacked, but Predator merely found an exploit from Toulouse’s own personal site and used that. Microsoft will be investigating the incident and dealing with Predator accordingly… which probably won’t be in any “helpful” manner.