Week in Arcade: Yar’s Revenge, Might & Magic

Two games this week for a total of $25 in content.

Yar’s Revenge

Let’s face it: The chances of getting a single screen insect shooter in 2011 were nill, so cue this update which takes the Atari 2600 classic and turns it into a guided shooter. Think Spacer Harrier and/or Panzeer Dragoon and you have the idea, Yar battling against foes and you dodge, put a cursor over stuff, and blow it up. This thing looks tailor made for the 3DS (please?) with great menu design and stunning landscape visuals. Colors are wonderfully vibrant when they want to be, and the techno soundtrack keeps pace. While it may not totally resemble what we remember, this is a fun game in its own right and worth the $10 asking price.

Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes

A former DS title, this one comes to the Live Arcade with a brilliant mixture of PopCap’s Bejeweled, the PSN exclusive Critter Crunch, and RPG-light elements. Bold, colorful visuals create a great looking world and detailed sprite work. Multiplayer and single player become one with exchanged powers and leveling. For those worried about this being dumbed down… well, it is, but there is plenty of strategy to work with as the limitations force you to think about each move in later battles. Not a bad choice for puzzle/RPG fans as an alternative to Puzzle Quest.