Dragon's Call Server 6 & 7 Starter Kit Giveaway Event

MultiplayerGames has teamed with Everdream studios to give away 100 starter kits for their browser-based MMO Dragon’s Call. This kit includes:

– 2 days free VIP membership
– 20 Dragon Stone
– 20000 HP Pack
– 2 Splinter of Lucky Gem
– 2 Magic Scroll I
– 2 Magic Scroll II

All you need to do to get a kit is send an e-mail to matt {at} www.multiplayergames.com with the subject “Dragon’s Call Starter Kit,” and we’ll reply with a code and instructions in about 24 hours (or less!). You have until May 14th, 2011 to get your request in. One request per person please. Anyone attempting to receive multiple codes will be banned from this and future promotions.

Thanks to all who take part in this promotion!

New York Daily News Writer Is Warned to Drop Coverage of Manhattan Judge.

Knight Ridder/Tribune Business News January 14, 2003 By Robert Ingrassia, Daily News, New York Knight Ridder/Tribune Business News Jan. 14–A Daily News reporter has received an anonymous warning to stop writing about Manhattan judge Marylin Diamond — who police suspect has been sending death threats to herself.

Michele McPhee, The News’ police bureau chief, got a Christmas card saying, “Michele, one more word about Judge Diamond and we’ll see who the bitch is. See you soon. The Nite Watchman.” Police investigators who examined handwriting in the card concluded it was from the same person who sent a series of threatening letters to Diamond, an acting Supreme Court justice, over the past three years.

Although the investigators can’t prove it, they have said they suspect Diamond was the author of those letters — and, by implication, the threat to McPhee. website christmas card sayings

“It’s the same block handwriting,” one high-ranking police investigator on the case told The News. “The same language. One of the old letters even was signed from the night stalker, or night watchman, something like that.” McPhee broke the story of police suspicions about Diamond, 61, in September. She has reported that police believe Diamond may have written the letters to garner attention and justify around-the-clock police protection.

The judge has denied writing any of the threatening letters. Her attorney, Harold Tyler, said yesterday that Diamond denies sending the card McPhee received.

But Tyler, who examined a fax copy of the McPhee card, confirmed that the handwriting is similar to the printing on the other letters. here christmas card sayings

“It does look like some of the notes from way, way back,” he said. “It’s astonishing.” Pennies from hell McPhee received the card, which also included two pennies, at the News bureau at 1 Police Plaza. She opened it this month after returning from vacation and filed an aggravated-harassment complaint with the 5th Precinct.

A Park Ave. businessman who was questioned by police about the Diamond death threats after the judge fingered him as a suspect also received a warning on a Christmas card.

Tom Snowdon, who publicly lashed out at Diamond for her handling of his 1998 divorce from fashion designer Cathy Hardwick, is organizing a group of former death-threat suspects to file suit against the judge.

In Snowdon’s card, someone wrote: “Keep it up a——. Keep talking to the newspapers about Diamond and you’re dead dead dead, [expletive].” Snowdon said the threat was unsettling.

“It looked like a 5-year-old wrote it,” he said. “Obviously, though, this was no 5-year-old.” Except for the message inside, Snowdon’s card was identical to the one McPhee got. Both were postmarked Dec. 19 in zip code 10001. His card contained a 5-mark German coin.

Diamond was elected as a Republican to New York City Civil Court in 1990 — and appointed an acting state Supreme Court justice four years later.

Police took extraordinary measures in their probe of the death-threat letter — following Diamond, placing a camera outside her home and even going through her garbage.

They closed their investigation in October and turned the matter over to the Office of Court Administration.

Court spokesman David Bookstaver declined yesterday to discuss the status of the agency’s probe or respond to the implication from police that Diamond may have written the Christmas card threats.

“For all I know, Michele McPhee wrote the letter to herself,” he said.