Blade & Soul Korean Closed Beta Coming April 27th

A Lyn, Blade & Soul's diminutive anthropomorphic race

NCsoft’s upcoming martial-arts fantasy MMORPG Blade & Soul has been given an official closed beta date, reports Korean gaming news site This is Game. For five days (from April 27th to May 1st), select Korean players will be able to dive into the world of Blade & Soul for the very first time.

Registration for the CBT opened April 15th, and will end on the 19th. Players interested in signing up can do so from the official Blade & Soul website. Keep in mind however, that this is the closed beta test for Korean players only. North American and European betas are still unannounced as of yet. Nonetheless, expect plenty of Blade & Soul related news and videos to pop-up when the NCsoft opens its servers on the 27th.

The CBT will allow players to access game content from levels 1-20, and will showcase the impressive movement system (Qinggong), the party system, a limited form of Blade & Soul‘s skill system and more. Players will also be able to watch the cinematic story/movie scenes.

Also, to coincide with the CBT announcement, NCsoft has redesigned its Blade & Soul homepage, which now shows off 3d models for all of its races, as well as all-new class gameplay videos, like the one you see below.

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