Madden Creative Director Leaves for New Studio

Ian Cummings isn’t the first name you would likely associate with the Madden franchise, but it probably should be. He’s been the creative director for the series for 11-years. His statement of departure was posted on the Madden Blog, stating, “I leave the Madden 12 development team with confidence that it is in great hands.”

Simple enough, but Cummings isn’t the only on on the way out with EA Tiburon GM Philip Holt also leaving to form a new studio called Row Sham Bow, which if you watch South Park, you’re familiar with that term. They have a website in place where they promise to announce news first about their upcoming projects, which of course they have yet to announce. Good luck to Cummings and Holt, and to the Madden team. Should be interesting to see what’s upcoming from both.