EverDream Studio Reveals Browser-based RTS WarFlow

Artwork for WarFlow. Extreme ecstasy, indeed.

EverDream Studio, the developer/publisher behind the browser-based RPG Dragon’s Call, has revealed its second browser game: WarFlow. What does WarFlow have to do with hot, naked Asian women? Absolutely nothing, apparently. Following the example of Evony and the “Come play, My lord” scandal, the titillating promotional artwork for WarFlow has very little to do with the actual game. Instead, it is designed to catch your eye (hey, at least they’re honest about it).

WarFlow is a real-time strategy game set in an Ancient Chinese setting (the only thing the sexy Asian girl has in common with the game). EverDream promises players impressive architecture, an expansive list of unique troops, a detailed economic system, an in-depth item-refining system and more.

EverDream boasts that players who dive into WarFlow are hooked, and compare it to a mental drug. It is from this comparison that the “Extreme Ecstasy” slogan originated. It totally isn’t playing off the curvaceous artwork on their home page. No siree!

As far as actual gameplay, players will be responsible for their own city, and must encourage the expansion of said city, as well as its defenses, architecture, and technology (as you would in any RTS). Players can battle NPCs or real players. Players obtain “honor” from NPC battles, which improves their grade and furthers development. PvP battles, on the other hand, reward players with RP, which allows them to earn more silver salary and unlock better warriors.

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