TERA's Community Play Event Stats Revealed


High Elf in Allemantheia, TERA

En Masse Entertainment, the publisher behind the Korean Action MMORPG TERA, has revealed some interesting information regarding the recently concluded Community Play Event (CPE). This event allowed select fans to play in the world of TERA over a weekend and experience what the game had to offer. En Masse’s business intelligence analyst Jon Tuite presents some interesting details about the races and classes played, monsters killed, guilds established, and more. More importantly, the CPE served as an important trial for En Masse as well, as they ran a few crucial tests behind the scenes.

Humanoid races were the most popular during the CPE (no surprises there), and Castanics were in the lead with 30% of the population playing one. The most popular race/class combination was the Castanic Warrior. The least popular race (at only 7%) was the Baraka, and the least popular race/class combination was the Baraka Slayer (ed note: someone hasn’t been playing enough Mortal Kombat).

Another chart reveals that DPS classes were the most popular, making up nearly 56% the total player population. Only about 24% opted to play as a tank, and 20% played a healer class. There are many more interesting graphs and details revealed about the event (the gold-acquisition chart in particular is very interesting), so be sure to visit the official TERA website for all the stats on the Community Play Event.

In another blog post, En Masse’s Chris Hager discusses what En Masse was testing out behind the scenes during the CPE. Most notably, we learn that players were actually playing on En Masse’s first production server. The feedback and data En Masse has received will be used to improve and adjust the servers in the future. En Masse also tested out one of their downloader solutions for the game installer, and will be taking into account all feedback they have received on it. The blog entry ends with the promise of more events like these in the future.

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