EA Teasing DLC Subscription Service

A recent EA Sports survey is testing the waters with a subscription service. No prices were mentioned, but the general idea is that gamers would pay, likely per year, for a subscription that would run across all EA Sports titles. This would offer discounted DLC, free DLC, the ability to carry DLC over to next years game, and allow players to download the game before it releases to store shelves.

To clarify, EA’s DLC concepts have already reached unbelievable proportions, the DLC courses for Tiger Woods 12 running nearly as much as the game itself. This sub doesn’t give you those courses, you still need to pay for them, just at a discounted price.

If you’re thinking, “Well, I can download my game early!” keep in mind you won’t be able trade up anymore to next years edition of whatever game you have, and EA is fairly tyrannical when it comes to killing servers for their older games. What happens when Madden 12’s servers go offline? Does the digital copy authentication go with it?

There are far more unanswered questions than there are answered ones, and this is just based off a survey. That said, this is the company that launched the absurdity that is the online pass. Would it shock anyone if they announced program like this?